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Protect your reputation, maintain trust


Pharming Shield® Detects Attacks on your Web Infrastructure

Hundreds of Banks rely on Pharming Shield to detect the widest variety of attacks against your website infrastructure. Pharming Shield is the industry’s leading website security monitoring solution, it provides the following benefits:

  • "Protects website integrity. 24X7 monitoring every few minutes ensures rapid detection of hacks against your infrastructure.
  • Zero-touch install. Cloud-based, requires no modification to existing websites or hoster infrastructure.
  • Easy to Manage. Hundreds of financial institutions rely on Pharming Shield to assure the integrity of their web infrastructure.
  • Customer Trust. The Pharming Shield validates website legitimacy with a watermark display on your website.

What is Pharming

The term “pharming” is a neologism based on the words “farming” and “phishing”. Both Phishing and Pharming attacks seek to obtain access credentials, such as user names and passwords But while Phishing is a type of social-engineering attack, Pharming targets the provider infrastructure and can be detected and prevented.

Pharming attacks are among the most virulent, and devastating, security breaches a company can suffer because end-users are unaware of the compromise. For this reason Pharming has become of major concern to businesses hosting ecommerce and online banking websites, leading the FDIC to issue guidance on this topic.

How it Works

Pharming Shield is managed via a web-based portal. The portal provides the management, alert and reporting interface for the Pharming Shield service. Pharming Shield agents are responsible for the actual monitoring, they reside at Internet Service Providers across the internet.